Batter/Butter Bowls

Antiques  pictured are currently  in or have recently been in our   shop. We have made every effort to design this site to accurately represent  what you might find 0n any given day when you  visit Best Friends Antiques.

Totes and Carriers

Unique, and often crafted from a mix of wood on hand, yesterday's cupboards are  great finds for  today's small spaces, nooks, and living areas.

 They tell stories, are one of a kind, and always have the hand print of their maker. May be a tray bottom,  heart handle, hint of original color, canted sides, dovetail construction,  dividers, or our favorite, a special repair.

Painted and Pine Cupboards

History with a Purpose

Pantry staples of the past, they are often featured  centerpieces for seasonal celebrations,  set on a table or bench to offer a friendly welcome.

We are open the first full weekend of each month, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.  Please note that we start our weekend open times with Thursday. ( Mid April * through Mid December and by appointment. Be sure to check this  site, Facebook or call if you are coming  a distance.  We do close  a  few times each year for a buying trip or family adventure (usually one in the same).

*April open weekend is second weekend.

Primitive  pieces take us to a time  when skilled craftsmanship and dedication to quality were the standard of the day.  Often crafted from what was on hand and serving multiple purposes, these utilitarian pieces, sometimes bruised and even broken, have found their way into our hearts and homes.  Our customers love the "character"  they  add to our modern day living spaces.  With each,  comes a story waiting for us to add our own.